A museum treasure ...

An exquisite rendering of the French National Anthem by Eugene Grasset,
one of the greatest French Art Nouveau illustrators.
One of an edition of 300 copies.
Being weaved in Lyon, by Tassinari and Chatel, set up in 1680 by Louis Pernon,
who specialised in fabrics made with gold and silver thread, and is the oldest manufacturer
of Lyonnaise silks. As the creator of some oft the principal styles of French upholstery fabrics,
the company has supplied the French, Spanish, Russian and Swedish Courts since the middle of the 18th Century.

The designs of these four illustrated panels, each measuring approximately 13 by 9 inches, are woven by hand in fine silk with a technique based upon the punch-card system used by Jacquard, and following principles developed by Charles Babbage for his experimental calculating machine.

Panel I
The title panel shows a personification of France as a fierce young woman flying over a battlefield, waving sword and banner. The border incorporates flames, wreaths, torches, and human figures in a depiction of war's destruction.

Panel III
On the third and fourth panels the remaining verses are flanked by monumental figures of winged Victory, French soldiers of noble appearance in rippling cloaks, and a variety of martial emblems (trumpet, standards, weapons, laurels, oak branches etc.) in an architectural setting.

Panel II
The second panel shows the words and music, woven into the fabric with remarkable fineness of detail, within a Classical frame of fasces and laurel wreaths, and a portrait of the author in a medallion bristling with swords and bayonets.

Panel IV
Housed in the original cardboard portfolio, with a printed label giving a full interpretation of the illustrations, and naming the museums which possess copies of
"ce veritable chef-d'oeuvre de tissage lyonnais."

Detail of the second panel
Music, as the words are of a clearness incredible...

Our CVMT Association recently acquired in France of a specimen of this work.

Single publication, 1899.