Christian Lacroix

Portrait Lacroix Born on May 16, 1951 in Arles. He is also a costumer, designer, and illustrator.
After a degree in history of art from the Faculty of Montpellier, he continued his studies in Paris at the Ecole du Louvre to become a museum curator.
He began with a first brief job at Hermès he finds thanks to Jean-Jacques Picart with whom he will join later.
Subsequently, he became artistic director in the house Jean Patou for six years.

 While fashion was in turmoil in the 1980s, with the appearance of many young designers who revolutionized, Christian Lacroix opens the fashion house that bears his name in 1987, helped by Bernard Arnault.
He then presents his first haute couture collection. From the beginning, the "fashion designer of color" imposes his style, fruit of mixtures of various inspirations and ancestral traditions; embroidery, ornaments and fineries are his best assets. Success is immediate.
In the following years, each parade, whether ready-to-wear or haute couture, is different, but most often inspired by the South and the history of fashion.
From 1992, the style becomes more refined to radically change in the year 2000, becoming darker. In the mid-1990s, Christian Lacroix diversified: linens, tableware ... This diversification will be even clearer a decade later. In parallel, Christian Lacroix is ​​appointed artistic director of Pucci.
But in early 2005, sales are no longer at the rendezvous; Bernard Arnault decides to sell the house to the American group Falic. This will be the end of the very strict name of "haute couture". The creations of Christian Lacroix benefit from numerous retrospectives in museums.
For his part, Christian Lacroix is ​​particularly oriented towards the decoration of hotels or means of transport.
The fashion designer finally leaves his home in 2009 and continues his design company, XCLX. Sacha Walckhoff, his "right hand man" from 1992 to 2009, is today the Creative Director at Maison Christian Lacroix

Source : Wikipedia

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