The wax


Of all the materials, it's the wax that fashionists prefer! Printed flagship of the summer, the tribal fabric warms our wardrobe with colorful models, revisited for Burberry, Gerard Darel, H & M or Etam.

Adopted by more than one hundred and twenty million Africans, wax originated in Indonesia two centuries ago.

Impressed by the quality of the batik, traditional fabric of the archipelago, the Dutch began the process of creating the fabric, using wax to fix the colors and make them more vivid. Hence the name wax, "wax" in French.

The Ghanaians enlisted in the Dutch colonial forces stationed in Indonesia were seduced by these prints and returned home with many fabrics. First used as a loincloth, the wax quickly became a symbol of prestige, with reasons related to the events of life.


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