The sewing machine

Machine à coudre

Barthélémy Thimonnier is the inventor of the sewing machine.

He was born in L'Arbresle (Rhône) in 1793. In 1823, he moved to a suburb of Saint Etienne as a tailor. In 1829 he developed the first sewing machine. A year later, he signs a contract with Auguste Ferrand, a mining engineer, who will take charge of making the drawings and the patent application for the sewing machine. The same year, and thanks to eight sponsors, he opened the world's first mechanical workshop. This one will make the uniforms of the army.

Despite improvements and the filing of three other patents, the success of the sewing machine is not at the rendezvous. He ended his life as a tailor of clothes in misery and died on July 5, 1857 in Amplepuis (Rhone).




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