The rope soled sandals


There are written references in Catalonia since the year 1322. We describe the rope soled sandals as they are today and we already call them by their name in Catalan, "espardenya" (espadrille in french).
In Catalonia, since the Middle Ages, the rope soled sandals is worn with or without long laces tied around the ankle. There are different types depending on the color used and the layout of the weave, the most common being "espardenya". In the Eastern Pyrenees, where it is called "espardenya vigatana", until the middle of the 20th century. It was used for all the moments of life, as well to work the ground, to go to dance, to walk in mountain as to play rugby.
The "espadrille" was worn by the light troops of the Catalan-Aragonese crown.
In the seventeenth century in the Valencian Country, it was forbidden to offer, sell, teach to do or even make espadrilles in the presence of Jews, Arabs or other people "who are not of our nation".


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